Custom aquarium services

Our aquatic services include:

  • Custom aquarium design and installation
  • Custom residential and commercial built in aquariums of all sizes and shapes
  • Regular water quality maintenance services
  • Aquarium stocking, live rock aquascaping and reefscaping
  • Complete aquarium cleaning
  • New and replacement aquarium equipment installation
  • Equipment maintenance, inspection and service
  • Water chemistry testing and adjustment
  • Custom coral reef supplement dosing plans and systems
  • Aquatic life health inspections and treatments
  • Gentle removal of troublesome species (like a mantis shrimp)
  • Custom aquatic setup for unique situations
  • Aquarium delivery and relocation services
  • Animal acclimation
  • Aquarium and decor cleaning
  • Guidance for fish and coral species selection and care
  • Custom lighting design, installation and repair
  • Full line of aquatic products available

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