I had been struggling for almost a year trying to get corals to survive in my reef aquarium without much success. I’ve been working with Exotic Aquatic for over two years now and my aquarium is absolutely beautiful and something I doubt I could have ever accomplished by myself.
-Tim, Mt Juliet

Before Exotic Aquatic came to help us with our aquarium, we were growing all kinds of ugly brown and green algae but within a few visits it was starting to look like a whole new aquarium! I would definitely recommend Exotic Aquatic to help anyone with their aquarium.
-Chris, Nashville

John is great. He has a way with the tank that doesn’t stress the fish and corals, even during a big cleaning. His experience caring for tanks has saved my reef system many times, and I don’t know how I’d do it without his help.
-Stacy, Nashville

John took over care of our salt water tank from a company that did not understand saltwater reef tank management. The tank was in bad shape and he turned it around. It is essential anyone maintaining a saltwater tank be familiar with their care. The consequences of applying freshwater practices to a saltwater tank can be costly.
-Marty, Nashville

We were completely new to the world of saltwater aquariums when we decided we wanted to set one up. Thank Neptune we met John! He patiently walked us through the process of setting up the tank, and not just the what and how, but he took the time to really explain how tanks work and why we had to do certain things. Our tank has been through many changes, some unavoidable mistakes and some near disasters, but John has always been there to help correct what needs correcting, make changes and help get us back on track. Today, the tank is beautiful, despite our Darwinian approach where we decided that if certain creatures can’t survive us and our occasional benign neglect, then they’re not in the right environment. In other words, John helps our tank thrive despite us. His knowledge of aquatic life is off the charts, yet he knows how to break it down for the less informed. He has become a friend, a reliable aquatic counselor, and someone we trust with our house key.
-Suzanne Myers, Nashville

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